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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Are you aware that your car needs periodic wheel balancing checks to make sure it is working as it should? Most car owners in the UK forget to take care of this particular matter, often resulting in decreased mileage, increased wear & tear, sometimes leading to unfortunate accidents.

To make sure you do not face such an issue, we, Tyre King Autocentres, have brought our wheel balancing garage to Coalville to offer you wheel balancing services whenever needed. If your car’s wheels are not properly balanced, you will notice that even the smallest road bump will feel like something that robs your car’s balance and your comfort.

Unbalanced wheels also decrease the service life of your car tyres. To make sure all these do not happen, you must bring your car to us for periodic wheel balancing.

What is wheel balancing?

When tyre manufacturing companies make a new tyre, they run it through hundreds of tests to make sure its balance is evenly spread over the entire body. However, over time, the immense strain exerted on the wheels often robs the unit of its balance. That’s when you will need a wheel balancing service.

If a wheel is imbalanced, you will feel a lump of weight on one side of the wheel, bumping into the road with every rotation around its axis. Also, there will be other signs too, such as –

  • Even at low speeds, your steering wheel will be unsteady. This is a clear sign of imbalanced wheels, as the unit itself cannot maintain its proper rotation cycle.
  • Your car’s mileage will decrease all of a sudden. Because of the imbalance, the engine has to put in a lot more power for the same amount of work. That will lead to an increase in its fuel consumption.
  • Another key indication is uneven tyre wear. If you notice that the tyres, especially the front ones, show uneven and unexpected wear, it is an almost certain indication that you need a wheel balancing service. The uneven weight distribution is responsible for this.

Our Services

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable wheel balancing garage in Coalville, we, Tyre King Autocentres, are here to help you out. We have a team of experts who will diagnose the issue and, with our array of tools, neutralise the imbalance.

Visit us today; call us, or directly bring your car to our garage.

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