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The European Union took a major step to curb vehicle-based emission when they announced a standardised labelling system for all the tyres that are sold in its participant countries. This label focuses on three essential characteristics of a tyre- its wet grip, running noise, and fuel efficiency. This decision was taken to make sure that the customers can make a better-informed decision, and help reduce the emission from their vehicle.

We, Tyre King Autocentres Coalville, believe in a cleaner and greener future. That’s why we support this initiative wholeheartedly. Every single tyre in our garage has its accompanying tyre label. Also, if you are buying tyres online, you will see the proper label on every tyre there too.

The EU tyre label

This is a labelling system based on simple graphical demonstration of a tyre’s characteristic. However, it is not for all kind of tyres. You will find an EU tyre label on tyres of –

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans

Other than that, it is not applicable to tyres for motorcycles. Also, spare tyres and re-treaded tyres do not come under the labelling system. Some speciality tyres do not need an EU tyre label either.

The three look-outs on an EU tyre label –

An EU tyre label carries three ratings, each one of which is crucial in determining its quality.

Fuel efficiency

In the tyre label, you will find an icon of a petrol pump, with a rating of ‘A’ to ‘G’ beside it. This is the measuring grade for the tyre’s fuel efficiency. Naturally, ‘A’ graded tyres are better than the ‘G’ graded ones.

‘D’ acts as a differentiator between the lower and upper grades.

Wet grip

Your car tyres’ grip on wet surfaces is an important safety issue. The wet grip symbol shows how well your car tyres bite on rain-soaked roads.

Like the fuel efficiency, the wet grip label is also in a graphic format. It is on a scale of ‘A’ to ‘G’. In this case, ‘D’ acts as a blank grade separating the top and bottom tiers. ‘A’ is the best rating whereas ‘G’ acts as an indicator of the worst grip presented.

External noise

The amount of noise that your car tyres make is measured in decibels. That number is present on the tyre label itself. Also, there is a three wave symbol where tyres with one wave are the quietest, and the ones with three waves are the loudest.

Importance of an EU tyre label –

This system provides a customer that much needed information when he or she visits a garage to buy a new set of tyres. When you visit Tyre King Autocentres Coalville to buy a brand new set of car tyres, we will make sure you get all the necessary details about the product before you buy it. Whether you buy it online, or from our service station, we will be happy to assist you always.

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