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Pirelli Tyres

Italian tyre giantPirelli started in 1872 as a rubber company that also manufactured scuba diving gear. The company entered the tyre manufacturing business in 1974 upon Lancia’s request to create one. The result was the first wide radial tyre which later came to be used with the Porsche 911 Turbo.

Other than tyres, Pirelli also had different areas of business that included cables, broadband solutions, and real estate. However, as of 2010, this company is solely focused on manufacturing car tyres.

Pirelli is ranked 6th on the list of largest tyre manufacturers in the world and is one of the favourites here in the UK. If Pirelli tyres are one of your favourites too, then you can head over to Tyre King Autocentres to buy them.

Our Extensive collection of Pirelli tyres Coalville will surely have a set for your vehicle.

Which one to go for? Take a look at the following few.

P Zero Corsa System

Summer tyre P Zero Corsa System fits passenger carsand can be used on roads as well as race tracks.

Few features of this tyre include:

I. Specialised tyre structure

The specialised tyre structure of these tyres helps you to corner your car more efficiently.

II. Innovative racing tread compound

Get more grip at high speeds owing to the innovative racing tread compound of the P Zero Corsa System.

III. Longitudinal grooved with directional design

This tyre’s longitudinal grooves with directional designs deliver the highest safety in wet roads.

Cinturato P7

The Cinturato P7 is another one of the top summer Pirelli tyres Coalville for passenger cars.

Features of this tyre include:

I. wide longitudinal grooves

The 4 wide longitudinal grooves of this tyre eliminate water rapidly and reduce aquaplaning.

II. Innovative and advanced hybrid material

The innovative and advanced hybrid material of the Cinturato P7 ensures an even wear to it.

III. Compact central blocks

Thanks to its compact central blocks you get more cornering control and steering response.

Winter Sottozero 3

The Winter Sottozero 3, as the name suggests is a winter tyre for passenger cars.

Some features of this tyre include:

I. Higher sipe density

Owing to higher sipe density, you can control your car better in difficult snowy road conditions.

II. Wider grooves

The wider grooves help to increase the wet braking and handling performance of this tyre.

III. Functionalized compound

The functionalized compound present in this tyre can deliver high grip in every weather condition.

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