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No two passenger car types use similar tyres. A sedan, for example, uses wheels that are smaller than those used by a Sports Utility Vehicle. It is essential that you know how to ‘read’ a tyre properly. Your car owner’s manual will shed light on the proper tyre size that your car accepts.

At Tyre King Autocentres, we help you decode the alphanumeric code present on the surface of all tyres. Once you learn that, you can easily choose the perfect set for your car from our extensive collection.

We stock tyres in all sizes; so, whether you drive an SUV or a coupe, you’ll find an appropriate set of tyres at our workshop. You can easily buy the best tyres Bilston from us by judging for yourself which models will suit your car.

Decoding a tyre’s size

Two examples will help you to become a more responsible and more insightful driver. The tyre size most commonly used in standard hatchbacks is 140/60 R18 P70.

Each of these figures has a meaning.

The tyre has a diameter of 140mm, which indicates a pretty solid build. It also has an aspect ratio of 60 per cent, which is calculated using a unique formula using the width and the sidewall’s dimensions.

Also, these tyres Coalville are radial; leading to the addition of the letter ‘R.’ This model has a diameter of 18 inches. It has a speed index of level ‘P.’ It indicates a speed limit of 93mph.

Lastly, this model also has a load index of 70, meaning that it is capable of carrying around 1300 kilograms.

Bigger cars use significantly wider wheels too. SUV tyres Bilston, in general, mostly share a standard size chart of 215/60 R22 91V or higher.

These figures instantly depict a far more powerful variant of wheels, which our facility also stores. You can buy models from the following manufacturing majors:

  • Dunlop
  • Michelin, and
  • Continental

An SUV wheel with such a size chart has:

  • The total diameter is 215 mm; it is the outer part which hugs the surface.
  • It has an aspect ratio of 60%.
  • Such a model is a radial one.
  • The rim diameter is 22 inches.

The speed and load indexes are ‘P’ and ‘91’. These are all symbolic of a high-performance tyre.

Why choose Tyre King Autocentres?

Our facility has the broadest range of tyres in Coalville. We have a professional team of service experts who can:

  • Help you buy the ideal wheels for your car.
  • Advise you on how to maintain your car and its various components.
  • Enable you to become a better-informed customer by passing on quality advice.
  • Aid you in maintaining tyres in Bilston for longer durations.

We ensure that all extra price benefits are passed on to our clients. Tyre King Autocentres has EU labelled tyres and all other significant varieties currently available for purchase in the United Kingdom.

You can also buy tyres online via our secure website. Our service is prompt and timely. You can always visit our facility on any working day too.

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