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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostics Coalville for your vehicle?

Just like our yearly medical check-up, our cars need a periodic inspection to make sure that every component is working fine. This is called vehicle diagnostics. Every major car manufacturer recommends that you should bring your car for a diagnosis at least once every year.

Inspecting a vehicle used to be a lengthy process. A mechanic had to check all the components to detect the problem manually. However, with the advent of modern cars, the whole process became digital and easy to use. Most modern cars have an ECU or Engine Control Unit. This is a computer that controls everything from the fuel flow to the AC temperature. It also logs any error with any of your car’s systems.

If you bring your car to Tyre King Autocentres for engine diagnostic, our technicians will plug a reader into the computer, and check if there is any fault code. If there is one, we will assess its origin, and inform you about the same.

How do you know if there is a malfunction?

With modern cars, detecting an issue with the system became a lot easier. A fault in any of the components is recognised by its accompanying sensor and sent to the ECU to keep a record. The ECU, in turn, alerts the car owner by triggering a warning light in the dash.

If you see the ‘check engine’ or ‘ABS warning’ light flashing on your car’s dash, you should immediately bring it to us for an engine diagnostics Coalville. Driving with faulty parts can cause a catastrophic accident on the road, and you should avoid it by any means necessary.

Our services

We know that your car is a complex machine, full of things that can go wrong at any moment. So, we have designed our service packages in such a way that it includes a comprehensive test to make sure all the critical (and other) components are fine.

A typical diagnostics package at Tyre King Autocentres Coalville includes –

  • Inspecting ABS for any malfunction
  • Fuel system error detection
  • Examining the engine cycle for any delay or irregula
  • Fluid level checking
  • Inspecting the radiator for any fault

Other than that, there are a lot more things that we will check when you visit us at Tyre King Autocentres for an engine diagnostics Coalville.

So, what are you waiting for?

If your car is malfunctioning, using it can be extremely dangerous. Not only it possesses the risk of breaking down in the middle of the road, but it can cause a severe accident involving you and your loved ones. Bringing your car at least once every year for a complete diagnostics is recommended to make sure everything stays okay.

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