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Goodyear Tyres

Embodying the symbol of the Roman God Mercury, Goodyear strives to imbibe all the traits of the mythical god in their products. Providing quality, reliability, and stability to cars for safe driving under all road conditions is what Goodyear as a company focuses on.

With more than 48 global facilities with over 64,000 employees working alongside their central development team, Goodyear produces some of the best range of tyres combining their over hundred years of technological experience.

Presently, Goodyear car tyres are trending in the UK, especially amongst family people, who are avid consumers of these tyres. Many popular Goodyear models like their Vector 4Seasons Gen- 1 & 2 are frequently sold at our online store in Coalville.

Goodyear car tyres - Historical Overview!

Beginning their tyre odyssey back in 1898, Goodyear gained recognition amongst the middle class after it was fitted on Henry Ford's Model T. Soon Goodyear’s name was popular amongst the mass for the following reasons –

1985 – Goodyear supplied radial tyres for commercial aircraft.

1993 - The company introduced Aquatred tyres for improving traction on wet and dry roads.

1997 – Goodyear's popularity skyrocketed once more as they gained recognition due to winning 350 F1 Grand Prix race.

Goodyear car tyres today –

Ever since their inception, Goodyear has stayed one step ahead in the tyre market for their incredible contribution to the field of innovation. However, if their historical achievements do not win you over, check out the recent innovations used in their car tyres –

  • Active Braking Technology
  • Durawall Technology
  • Fuel Saving Technology
  • Hydro Grip Technology
  • Quiet Tred Technology
  • Smart Tread Weather Reactive Technology
  • Sport Grip Technology
  • Run On Flat
  • TractiveGroove Technology

All these technologies combine to provide superior traction, supreme tread life, excellent dry and wet gripping and aquaplaning resistance to all Goodyear tyres. Additionally, their models are designed to offer lower resistance and facilitate favourable fuel economy.

If you are looking for a garage which sells Goodyear car tyres in Coalville, then we at Tyre King Autocentres can help you end your search. Along with providing the latest collection from Goodyear at the most market-friendly prices, Tyre King Autocentres offers tyre servicing too.

For consumers who are busy, our company is presently selling tyres virtually too. You can browse through our stock while buying your Goodyear tyres online from our virtual store.

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