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Are you looking for Suspension Repair for your vehicle?

A critical component that ensures that you get a comfortable ride every time you take out your car is the shock absorbers. Popularly known as shocks, or suspension, these are springs and coils that dampen the impact of the road and make sure that the driver and passengers get a comfortable ride.

Malfunctioning shock absorbers can result in an uncomfortable ride. Also, it can hamper the brake’s effectiveness. That’s why you must have a periodic inspection, and if needed, suspension repair in Coalville. At Tyre King Autocentres we have a team of experts who will diagnose and repair the components; we also store new units which you can buy at affordable prices.

How do you know it is time to bring your car to our suspension repair garage Coalville?

When they start malfunctioning, you will get some obvious indications which you can’t miss. Although they are practically invisible from outside, there are ways you can test them to know if you need a suspension repair in Coalville.

Lopsided car

If you feel that your vehicle is tilting to any one side, it might be due to malfunctioning suspension. Park your car at a level surface, and look at the chassis from different angles. If it is lopsided, you should bring it to us for an inspection.

Braking effectiveness

Do you feel that your car takes a nosedive every time you apply the brakes? Well, it might be time to bring it to our suspension repair garage in Coalville. A faulty suspension won't be able to handle the weight of your car when you apply the brakes, thus making it lurch forward. Driving in such a car can be dangerous. So you should be careful.


If you see any fluid near the wheel assembly, it can be because of a leakage in the shock absorbers. The immense stress can cause hairline fractures, which can increase in size and cause large leaks. Be very cautious if you see any as they can cause a major accident on the road.

Whenever you feel that there is an issue with your vehicle, bring it immediately to our garage for suspension repair Coalville. We have a dedicated team of experts who will identify the problem in no time and will make sure it is repaired in the best way possible. So book your appointment today; call us, or schedule it from our ‘Contact Us’ page.

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