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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement Coalville for your vehicle?

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a relatively recent addition to automobiles. Tyre King Autocentres is one of the pioneering TPMS repair and replacement garage in Coalville. We have a team of extraordinarily trained technicians who have mastered this technology and can take care of any issues you might face with it.

What is TPMS and why is it important?

TPMS is a sensor that continually monitors the air pressure inside car tyres and alerts the driver whenever it falls under the pre-set parameters. The sensors are located on all four tyres, typically inside the valve stem.

As per EU regulations, it is mandatory for all cars registered after 1st January 2012 to have TPMS fitted to them. As such, we have trained our technicians adequately to perform TPMS replacement Coalville. We also stock replacement parts which will be necessary if your TPMS is physically damaged. There are numerous advantages to having TPMS in your car. Low tyre inflation pressure can lead to a plethora of problems, including reduced fuel economy, loss of ride comfort and increased rate of tyre wear.

As is evident, the TPMS not only helps to maintain the roadworthiness of your vehicle but also helps you to save money. Under-inflated tyres lead to higher fuel consumption. It is estimated that incorrect tyre pressure leads to additional fuel consumption of 20 million litres worldwide. Given the ever-rising price of fuel, you can save quite a bit with a properly functioning TPMS.

TPMS service at its best

At Tyre King Autocentres, our skilled team of technicians can carry out any TPMS related repairs with relative ease. Our TPMS replacement Coalville consists of the following aspects.

  • Finding TPMS diagnostic faults with the help of the latest diagnostic scanner
  • Servicing TPMS vis-à-vis its battery life, sensor ID codes as well as inflation pressure readings
  • TPMS replacements after cloning your existing sensor ID codes

We use genuine aftermarket parts for the purpose of TPMS replacement Coalville. Visit Tyre King Autocentres today and get the benefit of a complete TPMS service in this area.

You can bring your car to our service garage on any working day. It’s advisable to book your slot in advance to avoid long queues.

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