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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

We, at Tyre King Autocentres, offer car summer check Coalville to ensure your vehicle’s optimum performance during the warmer part of the year. Our summer check routines are comprehensive and cover all necessary inspections, repairs and replacements to your benefit.

Therefore, make sure you visit us before heading out for a long summer trip!

What summer checks do we offer?

We are a trusted name in the UK when it comes to top-quality summer car service Coalville and nearby places.

The following are some of the basic checks that we provide:


It is ideal to switch to summer tyres during the warmer months. These tyres are specialised to withstand the roads’ higher temperature without compromising traction and braking efficiency.

At Tyre King Autocentres, you can find an exceptional range of summer tyres from leading brands like Continental, Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli etc.

Battery checks

Although flat batteries are a common occurrence during winters, they can malfunction in summers as well. It is essential to check that the battery is free from any corrosion, and it is secured aptly.

Air-con system

Your car’s air conditioning unit is an indispensable requirement during summers. The system, however, loses refrigerant over time. Low refrigerant levels can lead to warm air from the AC.

A professional garage like ours includes an air-con check in their summer vehicle services Coalville. Our technicians can detect the faults in your car’s AC unit and other electrical components and provide prompt repairs as well.

Oil top-up

Insufficient engine oil can lead to irreparable damages. Our experts will make sure the oil level is within limits. If not, we will top-up the level.

Engine coolant

It helps prevent car overheating by reducing the boiling point of water in the radiator. It is, therefore, critical that coolant levels are sufficient, especially during summers. Our professionals check the reservoir and top it up with the appropriate antifreeze.

Apart from those mentioned above, our technicians also check windscreen wiper blades, clutch, exhaust, suspension, steering, brakes, cabin pollen filter, etc. as part of our summer car service Coalville.

Besides basic inspections, our experts also take the liberty to suggest additional checks based on your car’s condition.

Are you still searching – “best car repairing garage near me”?

Tyre King Autocentres is your ideal destination for car summer check Coalville. Drive straight to our facility for an unmatched summer check. With our quality services, your car will be road-ready for summer in no time.

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