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Hankook Tyres

Following their slow but steady game plan, Hankook Tire has become one of the most consumer-friendly tyre brands that provide quality coupled with innovation. Since 1941, Hankook has upheld their promise of delivering quality tyres to drivers all over the globe.

Presently manufacturing 92 million tyres on an annual basis, Hankook sells to innumerable retailers around the world, but Tyre King Autocentres in Coalville is one of the biggest Hankook sellers in the UK.

We prefer Hankook not just because of their versatility but because of their quality and performance. When it comes to cost-effective, high-quality car tyres, Hankook car tyres are unbeatable.

The ambitious Hankook

Within the few years of their inauguration, Hankook developed facilities with the latest technologies and resources and started making tyres that are a class apart from their competitors. In their short span of 70 years, they developed some of the best tyre technologies in the industry. Their Kontrol Technology is one such invention, offering exceptional traction in every type of road condition.

The underlying philosophy behind Kontrol Technology is based on the notion that under any circumstances a car tyre should be able to maintain adequate grip with the road surface. Hankook tyres sold at our store in Coalville are the latest models equipped with this technology.

  • Even under the worst weather or road conditions, Hankook tyres are designed to provide stabilisation and maximise tyre traction for optimal safety.
  • For optimal performance, Hankook’s researchers study the road and driving conditions thoroughly. Hence, their tyres produce less noise, limit vibrations and ensure a comfortable ride in any situation. For example – Ventus S1 noble 2 is a winning model of Hankook most consumers pick from Tyre King Autocentres's store online.
  • Hankook tyres are also fuel efficient, emitting a lot less carbon dioxide every time you take your vehicle out for a drive. Hence, they are not only friendly to the environment but increase your car’s mileage too.

Apart from using Kontrol technology on cars, Hankook is also preferred for their innovative tyre designs. These models offer excellent performance for every road condition. Here are some of their winning innovations –

  • Magfloat - This enables the car to move freely and enhances mobility even at a low speed of 20 mph.
  • Flexup - Easy mobility on rough surfaces.
  • I-Play – enables secure high-speed cornering abilities.

Well, now that you know all about what drives Hankook tyres, equip your car with the latest model from the Tyre King Autocentres's store in Coalville. You can either buy your Hankook tyres online from our web store or come to give us a visit and let our mechanics lend you a hand with the tyre fitting.

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