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Are you looking for Clutch Repair Coalville for your vehicle?

The automobile world is seeing a steady shift to automatic transmission from manual ones. They are easier to operate, and your car does most of the job for you. However, for a car purist, that’ll never be enough.

Changing gears is an essential component of the whole driving experience. It is the clutch that makes it possible. The primary function of a clutch is to engage or disengage the engine’s power transmission to the driveshaft.

If you suspect something wrong with it, bring your car down to our workshop. Our experienced mechanics will diagnose the problem and if needed will perform the clutch replacement Coalville within no time.

What’s the role of a clutch in a car?

From the moment you turn your car on till you turn it off, the engine runs continuously, churning out power and transmitting it to the wheels of your vehicle. While that’s necessary for the car to run, it becomes a problem when you want to change gears or bring your vehicle to a stop. That’s where the clutch comes in.

Long story short, the clutch uses a pressure plate and friction discs attached to a flywheel to disengage the drivetrain from the powertrain. When you press the clutch pedal, these two components disconnect, cutting the power to the transmission, allowing you a window to change gears.

If you think that automatic cars do not have a clutch, you are mistaken. Even they have one which is operated mechanically instead of manually.

Clutches, like every other component of your car, are prone to damage and wear. They are one of the most overworked parts of your vehicle; think about how many times you press the clutch pedal while driving! Add to that the constant heat and friction, and you will understand why it fails at times. You need to go to a garage for clutch replacement Coalville as soon as that happens.

However, it’s not something you should take lightly. If you are driving with a failing clutch, it severely affects your driving experience as well as safety. Imagine driving at 80 mph and not being able to change gears altogether. You cannot even brake properly if your car’s clutch is malfunctioning. You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to figure out that it’s not a good position to be in.

Diagnosing a faulty clutch

How would you know if your car’s clutch is failing and repair it before it’s too late? Well, that’s what we are here to answer. We are going to tell you all the signs and symptoms of a malfunctioning clutch so that you can bring your car to Tyre King Autocentres Coalville as soon you encounter any of these:

Difficulty in changing gears

Given how the primary function of a clutch is to help in shifting gears, it stands to reason that you’ll have trouble shifting when your car’s clutch is malfunctioning. If you are having difficulty in changing gears even after pressing the clutch pedal, you should consider clutch repair immediately.

Soft clutch pedals

You have pressed it hundreds of times, and you know how much the lever is supposed to go down. So, if suddenly the pedal goes soft and you have to push it all the way down to the floorboard, you’ll notice it immediately. That’s a classic sign that the clutch plate has worn out, and you need to visit a garage for clutch repair Coalville as soon as possible.


A grinding noise emanating from the engine can mean only one thing: faulty bearings in the clutch. It won’t be a significant issue as long as you replace it soon. However, if left unattended, the entire system might stop working. So, don’t even think about keeping it for tomorrow.

Whether you drive a Rolls Royce or a Ford Fiesta, the clutch remains the same. If it fails, your car will be rendered un-drivable. Don’t wait for that to happen. As soon as you encounter one or more of these signs, bring your vehicle to Tyre King Autocentres Coalville, the most trusted garage for clutch repair Coalville.

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